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The Old Time Beer Show!

21.7 mb, 23:00 min, mp3 format

04/03/07 Show #7


If you love OTR (Old Time Radio) then this is the show for you! Lonnie Mac and Moonbeam bring us way back to prohibition! Live the life in a decade without beer!

51.6 mb, 55:05 min, mp3 format

02/10/07 Show #6

It's Ale About OMMEGANG!!! Indeed in this episode I spend 45 minutes with a Brewmaster! Mr. Randy Thiel!!! Moonbeam again takes the wheel!

The Great Debate!

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01/24/07 Show #5

A spat about the great carb debate, on and on ramblings and a finish with clarity! Moonbeam abounds in this episode! She has become "one with the show"!

The Yeast Bomb!

52.3 mb, 55:50 min, .mp3 format

01/13/07 Show #4

A bit about Rogue hand grenade yeast. A brew-in with Johnny MAX and crew, and a VERY special guest star in this very episode!

The Meaded Cask Show!

35.3 mb, 37.35 min, .mp3 format

12/27/06 Show #3

Another fine 37 minutes of  putting the 8 gallon Mead into the cask. Much rambling... A stint about Cask Ales in general and a finish with a song...

Chill-out Brutus!

35.3 mb, 37.35 min, .mp3 format

12/18/06 Show #2

A look into how Brutus can chill. Rambling and killer blues show with a touch of Sami Claus!

Et tu Brute?

31.8 mb, 33.5 min, .mp3 format

12/11/06 Show #1

First an intro into who is Mac, a bit about drinking beer and then a rare look into the making of a behemoth!