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Pub Phun!

Of course, this is what it's really all about!. Serving up a great beer that we worked so hard for in our very own pub. Pub Phun we call it!

In the beginning the wife wanted a new dinning room table... I wanted something to put the beer in... Hence, the ultimate compromise! A 10CF Woods deep freezer, damaged in the rear, on sale at Home Depot for $149.00. This would house six 5 gallon corny's, one 3 gallon corny on the hump, and a 15 LB CO2 tank. But what of a table? Let's make a bar! Let's spend a billion dollars and make it a bar...

Then, after bringing home the freezer, I decided to look for towers on eBay. I had been looking to no avail, and nothing but the same ole thing, it just won't do... The Wife and I are Virgos after all... Within an hour of its posting, I spotted this jewel. A Retro Perlick Stainless Steel two tap tower... A bit pricy indeed with its haunting "buy it now" price of $175.00, but in short order, I had pondered that this thing really could get into a BIG bidding war. So, without further ado, we purchased it using the buy it now feature.

After receiving this 60's era two tap tower in the mail, I realized that indeed this was a GREAT find. All stainless, lighted face, and in great shape other than a good dismantling and cleanup... The amazing thing is that I wanted a 4 tap tower. Looking at the eBay picture while I was waiting for it to arrive, I figured that I could easily put two extra taps in the middle. During the dismantling process, I discovered that it was already drilled for 4 taps! All I had to do was drill the cream colored faceplate the rest of the way through! Gotta love Perlick... Indeed, this baby deserved only the best taps plastic could buy... 4 Perlick Seat-forwards and humongously heavy SS Bullet handles. 

The Woods 10CF loads up nicely... A perfect fit actually. With all six 5 gallon kegs installed, there is less than 1" to spare on any side.

The cooling box... The build pics will show that this is VERY necessary to keep the external surfaces of the freezer cool. Around the entire freezer is a 1" airspace. Along the front of both sides, are 1" air holes drilled up under the side shelving so it is not noticeable. The cooling box houses a high power fan, (12" shop fan) acting as an exhaust to draw air through the cooling holes and pull out any hot air that the freezer sides generate. I have it tied into the temp controller to come on when the freezer runs. Normally, in freezer mode, the sides run 15 to 20 degrees hotter than the surrounding air. This setup really moves air, and keeps the external surfaces very cool...